As an amenity to you, your property has partnered with Obligo to allow qualified renters to skip their security deposit requirement and live deposit-free. You can keep your cash to invest, save, travel, or spend.

Obligo works similarly to a hotel check-in process. You will be extending a Billing Authorization to one or more payment methods, allowing your property manager to charge you up to the security amount.

Obligo is not an insurance product, and you will remain accountable for damages, missed rent or other obligations under the lease. If there are any such charges, you will be responsible for paying those amounts back to Obligo. We also offer interest-free installment plans for repayment.

Obligo charges you a small fee for our service, allowing you to keep your security deposit while still protecting your landlord.

Questions about your Obligo account? Login and chat live with a support agent! You can also reach our team at

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