What is the difference between instant verification and micro-deposits verification?

Instant verification enables you to authenticate ownership of your bank account using your bank login and password. With micro-deposits, you will enter your account number and routing number manually. Obligo will then send two deposits for under $1.00 to that account and ask you to verify the amounts.

How does micro-deposits verification work?

The micro-deposit option allows Obligo to deposit two small amounts (less than $1 each) into your bank account within the next business day of your request.

Once you see those amounts in your account, revisit your Obligo invitation and submit the amounts we deposited. This helps us to verify that you are the owner of your bank account and meet the requirements to qualify.

If you need to complete this process immediately, you can use the "Verify Instantly" option and finish the Obligo application in less than 10 minutes.

I don’t see the micro-deposits in my bank account. What should I do?

  • Ask your bank representative for a bank statement (showing line item by line item) during the time period when you added your bank account to Obligo. You will want to check the credit section, not the debit section.

  • Double-check that your bank account does not have deposit restrictions.

  • Try using a different bank account.

  • Review your application and make sure you added the correct account information.

  • Use a bank account from a friend/family member/significant other.

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