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How does Obligo’s deposit-free service work?
How does Obligo’s deposit-free service work?
Written by Alexandrea
Updated over a week ago

When you partner with Obligo, qualified renters can skip paying a security deposit requirement and live deposit-free.

Obligo charges a fee for our service (a small percentage of the renter's security requirement), allowing them to keep their cash to invest, save, or spend!

Obligo works similarly to a hotel check-in process. Residents extend a Billing Authorization to Obligo via one or more payment methods, allowing you to charge them up to the security amount for damages, cleaning or missed rent.

If you submit a charge at move-out, our platform will initiate your ACH payment immediately and then collect the owed amount from your resident.

We handle both deposit-free living and the collection of traditional cash deposits, helping you eliminate paper checks for good.

For property managers, Obligo powers a better resident experience, streamlines leasing operations, boosts your bottom line, and helps you comply with security deposit regulations.

Learn more about Obligo here.

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