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How do residents qualify for Obligo?
Written by Alexandrea
Updated over a week ago

Qualifying for deposit-free living with Obligo is a breeze! Residents will first need to meet your property's screening criteria. Then, Obligo provides three easy options to qualify in-app:

  1. With a US bank account, checking or savings, connected with Open Banking

  2. With two cards and a soft credit check

  3. With two non-US cards and an ID verification

In the vast majority of cases, residents will be able to qualify by connecting one US bank account. Obligo uses an open banking connection to run a lightning fast series of tests to ensure that sufficient funds are available in their account.

If residents don’t have access to a US bank account, Obligo offers alternative options to qualify. They can choose to qualify with two US credit or debit cards and a soft credit check, or with two non-US credit or debit cards and ID verification with a passport.

If a resident is unable to qualify for deposit-free living with Obligo, they will be prompted to pay a traditional cash deposit. By handling both deposit-free living and the collection of traditional cash deposits, we help you eliminate paper security deposit checks for good.

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