No, Obligo does not require any proof of damage in order to process the charge and initiate your payment. As a policy, Obligo does not take sides in disputes and plays no role in assessing the accuracy or fairness of individual charges. However, Obligo believes it is essential that residents have a fair chance to dispute any unreasonable charges directly with their property manager.

We recommend submitting any documentation, invoice, and photo or videos you have related to the charge via Obligo so the reason for any charge is clear and understandable to the resident, which reduces the likelihood of a dispute.

While Obligo always initiates ACH payment to the property manager right away, residents who intend to dispute charges may ask for their repayment to Obligo to be deferred. Obligo’s intention is to provide sufficient time for residents to either discuss the charge with their property manager or to formally dispute the charge.

Just as with a normal deposit, residents retain their legal right to dispute a charge and they may do so in accordance with local laws and practices.

Above all, Obligo encourages the property manager and resident to communicate before any charge is made.

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