With Obligo, residents go through a unified workflow where they can instantly and electronically complete all move-in payments, including a traditional security deposit, or they can choose to sign up for Obligo’s deposit-free service.

Obligo’s onboarding workflow greatly simplifies your move-in process:

  1. Because Obligo guarantees payments against ACH reversals or chargebacks, you can finally eliminate cashier checks and money orders from your leasing process.

  2. Your leasing team won’t have to send applicants away to get certified checks any more. Applicants can instantly complete all payments online, reducing the risk that your leasing team will lose the applicant.

  3. Your leasing team won’t need to explain Obligo’s deposit-free service, all they need to do is send residents to the Obligo link to complete their move-in payments. Obligo will do all the explaining within the online workflow.

  4. Your accounting team won’t have to deal with paper checks anymore! They will receive consolidated reports for all of your renters, whether they paid a standard security deposit or they went deposit-free. This makes reconciling your move-ins a breeze.

By processing move-in payments and traditional security deposits with Obligo, learn how Real Property Management Triad saved 15 hours per week and accelerated the move-in process for each new resident by 4 days.

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