How to use 'Your To-Do List'
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'Your To-Do List' streamlines and simplifies Obligo record management by putting all required tasks on a single dashboard. This feature will specifically help you manage renter transitions, both move-outs & lease extensions.

Navigate to 'Your To-Do List' by selecting the checkmark icon, labeled 'Open Tasks' on your side panel. Here you will see a summary of required tasks, prioritized by the number of days left on the lease. Records with the fewest amount of days, or past their lease end date, will appear first. Choose to review all records together, or select Renewals or Move-Outs with the top, far-right buttons.

Each task lists the current lease address, renter(s), terms and billing authorization amount. Select Resolve to take an action.

A side bar will open that shows more information about the Obligo record selected. Easily and efficiently manage the lease by choosing an option:

  • 'Extend': Extend Lease to [Date]

    • This will will bring you to the renter(s)' record with a pop-up to confirm the planned leased end date, rent and security amount.

  • 'Customize': Set Custom Dates for Lease Extension

    • This will will bring you to the renter(s)' record with a pop-up to change the planned leased end date and/ or rent and security amount.

  • 'Charge': New Charge

    • The record's deduction screen will open to enter any charges, details and supporting documentation. From here, you can review & finalize the move-out.

  • 'End Lease': Review & Finalize without Charges

    • The record's closing screens will open. Select a reason for closing the record, review any charges and confirm details.

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