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What is Obligo’s product suite?
Written by Alexandrea
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Obligo's holistic suite of deposit solutions simplifies your leasing and accounting operations and improves the resident experience.

At Move-In

As soon as an applicant is approved to rent, you can send them an invitation

to Obligo’s online move-in flow where the renter can:

  • Pay all move-in fees such as first month’s rent or pet fees

  • Pay a traditional deposit

  • Optionally, the renter can choose to rent deposit-free by using Obligo’s service (read more here)

New residents can complete these steps instantly, from their phone, and all payments are guaranteed by Obligo against chargebacks or ACH reversals. Invitations can be sent automatically via an integration or by using our API. Learn more about Obligo’s integrations and API here.

Mid-Lease & Renewal

If you have a resident who paid a traditional cash deposit, you can send them an

invitation to sign up for Obligo and upgrade to a deposit-free lease. Once

they sign up, you can apply their deposit as a rent credit on their ledger.

You may also choose to pay Obligo’s service fee for your residents, offering this deposit-free upgrade as an amenity or renewal incentive.

At Move-Out

When the resident’s lease comes to an end, you can submit your final charges:

  • If this was a deposit-free lease, Obligo will advance funds to you in order to cover the charges, and we will then proceed to bill the resident. Read more about Obligo’s deposit-free service here.

  • If your resident paid a traditional security deposit, you may use Obligo’s platform to electronically refund the deposit. Obligo will communicate with your resident via automated email and SMS to obtain a target bank account, where the deposit will then be refunded.

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